A Gallery of Photos - starting in 2013 - latest ones at the bottom

Organized Choas - Music Turn in Jan 8 2013
Music Turn in night - Jan 8, 2013
Organized Choas - Music Turn in Jan 8 2013
We have a little fun and get to know each other.
Break time and friendships
Break time before starting up practice again.

Regular Practice Time
Regular practice time, preparing for Fall Show 2015.
25 Aug 2015 Practice 3

FALL Show 2015

Full Chorus Picture
Full Chorus
Chorus in Action
Spare Parts
Spare Parts Quartet
VLQ - Very Large Quartet
VLQ - Very Large Quartet
Full Chorus Picture 2015
Full Choir Picture - there is plenty of room for you to join us.
Guest Performers
Our Guest Performers
The Reen Family

Christmas 2015
YMCA 2015 Performance
Performance at the YMCA of Olathe

June 2016
T Bones Outing 2016
Presenting the National Anthem at the T Bones

July 2016
Ice Cream Social with HOA 2016
Enjoying some social time with neigbhoring chapter 'Heart of America'

Quartet Night
December 2016

Pic 101
Pic 102
Pic 103
Pic 105

Fall Show
September 30 2017

Prairie Star
Spare Parts
Work In Progress
Johnson County Fair
August 3 2018

JOCO Group
JOCO Pic 1
JOCO Pic 2
JOCO Pic 3
JOCO Pic Spare Parts

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